First United Methodist Church
Wadesboro,North Carolina

Chancel Window

     The chancel window designed for First Methodist Church by the Willet Studios of Philadelphia is composed of symbols in an ornamental background. One of the three members of the Trinity is shown at the top of each of the three lancets.
     The left lancet has at the top, the hand of God, the Father extended in benediction. Beneath it, at the bottom of the lancet, may be seen the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden represented by the tree of knowledge around which is coilded the Serpent of Evil and the Fruit which proved man's downfall. In the center is the flaming sword superimposed on a cross. Above this medallion is the burning bush symbol of Moses. Next comes Isaiah who is represented by the flaming coal from the altar held in tongs with which the prophet's lips were sealed.
     The center lancet represents Christ. At the bottom the manger and star of Bethlehem portray the nativity. Above this is the cross with a winding sheet symbolizing the Crucifixion. Next above is the mythical bird, the Phoenix, who is said to rise newborn from the flames of ner nest, thus typifying Christ's Resurrection. At the top is the symbol for the second person of the Trinity, Christ the Lamb of God. The medallion next above contains a type of Christ's ascension, the fiery chariot in which Elijah was take up into heaven.
     The right lancet has at the top the descending dove of the Holy Spirit, the symbols beneath it represent the ongoing church. At the bottom are symbols of the Sacraments. Baptism is typified by the dove superimposed on a font above which is the escallop shell used in the ceremony, from which depend the three drops of water, the Trinity. For communion the sacred chalice and paten are used. The Great

Commission given by Christ to His followers to go into all the world and preach the Gospel is depicted by a compound symbol comprised of the crossed pilgrims' staff and banner of victory in front of a cross upon which is seen the globe of the world. Behind the cross upon the sea of life is the ship with cross-shaped mast, symbol of the Ecumenical Church. Most prominemt of all is the lamp of Christian knowledge.

Taken from Program on Opening of New Sanctuary, Sunday, January 15, 1961.