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Endowment Fund

The First United Methodist Church Foundation account is an endowment fund  established in 1985 with the initial bequest from Calvin Myers Little. The principal is invested in perpetuity. Each year, 10% of the interest and dividends earned are reinvested in the fund while 90% are disbursed in these areas:

Building and Grounds 40%

Used for maintenance, improvements, or additions to the church or parsonage property and disbursed at the discretion of the Trustees (Leadership Council).

Missions 30%

Used for local and outreaching mission, and disbursed at the discretion of the Missions Team.

Discretionary 30%

Used at the discretion of the pastor, primarily for 1) utility assistance and other urgent community needs 2) new and emerging ministry opportunities not already within the budget

How can I participate?

Persons may donate additional funds to the Foundation in the form of bequests, gifts, honoraria, memorials and other appropriate giving. This may be given in general to the Foundation, or to a specified purpose (under the categories listed above).

Any person making a donation of $25,000 or more may request establishment of a Designated Fund. In order to establish a new Designated Fund, the Leadership Council must approve the acceptance of the gift or bequest and the establishment of a new Designated Fund. The Leadership Council may decline to receive any bequest or gift they consider to not be in alignment with the mission and priorities of First UMC or The United Methodist Church.

Gifts in Honor or Remembrance

Gifts to the church are a beautiful way to honor or remember a loved one. Gifts received by the church office will be acknowledged by a note to the individual being honored or the family of the individual being remembered.

Each year, we offer the opportunity to purchase a Poinsettia during Advent or Easter Lilly during Lent (for Easter Day!) to honor or remember individuals. These names are published in the bulletin.

You may designate where you would like your gifts to be applied. Undesignated gifts are disbursed as designated by the Leadership Council.

Some common and helpful destinations for special gifts:

Scholarship Fund [see next panel for more information]

Budgeted Funds

Support the mission and activities of the church through our ministry plan!


Used for local or wider-reaching mission projects as determined by the Mission Team.

Parsonage Fund

Used for maintenance and enhancement of the parsonage.

Trustees Fund

Disbursed for facilities maintenance and improvement as deemed appropriate by the Leadership Council.


Support our missional giving through our District, Conference, and Denominational Agencies. Through these funds, YOU support worldwide mission and ministry. Learn more below.

Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund at First United Methodist Church provides financial assistance for students who are connected with First United Methodist Church for college or other institution of higher learning. Funds are awarded by the Scholarship Committee in the Fall and Spring as a grant (a gift and not a loan!) based on applications received. 

An initial gift of $66,000 by Grady Ruscoe Moore allowed the establishment of the Scholarship Fund as a designated fund of our endowment, so that we will be able to award funds in perpetuity from the dividends. We give thanks for her generosity as well as all those who have contributed in memory or honor of loved ones. 

“I hope the interest will last, and go far into the unknown future to help some worthy young people get a better education, and in the long run help make this to be a better world in the years to come.”

-Grady Ruscoe Moore



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